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I run a production company as well as an educational non-profit, and have been working with Narayani for 7 years now. As a female business owner, I often encounter workplace inequality in the way I'm treated vs. my male counterparts. Narayani has helped me deal with tough personalities without compromising my place and value. We have been so lucky to work with her, as her passion, dedication, and hard work has always brought us amazing results!

Narayani helped me in multiple ways to understand what it means to be a strong, independent woman who stands up for myself. She stressed the value of honesty, an essential skill when communicating effectively with another individual. Most importantly, she taught me not to let others undermine my abilities or who I am as a person. All of these tools help me to maneuver through disagreements or problems in my relationships correctly and respectfully.

Narayani is excellent at giving well thought out advice on whatever the issue may be, including issues that may happen in the work place. At a time of feeling less than valued at work by management, I came to Narayani for some advice on how to handle the situation. She gave me positive insight on how to turn a difficult situation around, as well as giving me tools such as how to communicate my thoughts properly which in the end gave me the result I was looking for.

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